This is done in a traditional way in thermo-regulated stainless steel vats where malolactic fermentation occurs. No animal proteins are used to clarify the wines and they are stabilised to prevent tartrate precipitation.


This Champagne is made according to a traditional composition, with 90% Pinot and 10% Chardonnay grapes.


Appearance: the wine is clear and brilliant. Sufficiently effervescent to form a fine, irregular stream of bubbles. A melon-mango colour, more commonly known as “salmon pink” in the champagne world. Bouquet: the nose is made up of the sweet aromas of marshmallow, flowers and jam, with a slightly woody endnote. Candied fruits can also be distinguished. The bouquet is ideal of red fruits. In the mouth: the immediate mouthfeel is direct and supple. The fine and floral notes comes quickly. A generous amount of candied fruit – quince, and dried apricots. Delicate flavours, significant aromatic persistency. As an aperitif , this Champagne will seduce you, and it will be perfect with your greatest cocktail, meals of white meat or a red fruit dessert.

Brut Grand Cru, Les Classiques