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Grand Cru - Brut - Blanc des Blancs

100% Chardonnay, Côte des Blancs


Dosage : 7 g/l
Aging: Minimum 5 years
Format: 750 ml (NV), 1.5L (vintage)


This is done in a traditional way in thermo-regulated stainless steel vats where partial malolactic fermentation occurs. No animal proteins are used to clarify the wines and they are stabilised to prevent tartrate precipitation.


This Champagne is made according to the Methode Champenoise and expresses the exceptional Côte des Blancs terroir and location using 100% Chardonnays grapes.


Appearance: the wine is clear and brilliant with gold reflect. Foam is delicate and persitante, forming a steady stream of fine bubbles. Bouquet: the bouquet is rich of the white flowers. The elegant nose reveals freshness and roundness of one spirit wine. In the mouth: a distinct immediate freshness of the greatest Chardonnays. The palate is floral aromas of linden and hawthorn. Its perfect poise lends a lightweight sensation. Your taste buds will be overwhelmed by the fresh sensation. As with its bouquet, enjoy the aromatic enthusiasm of this champagne. The persistence of its flavor bears witness to the fact that this really is a Chardonnay Grand Cru.

Savor this Delicate and Fresh Grand Cru Champagne at any time of the day.

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